lunedì 9 maggio 2016

More than three days of tango

You can live tango in a rainbow of shades.
You can dance when the sun goes down and it shows through the trees its own light into the theatre. Warm colours, warm and relaxed atmosphere, good music.
You can live three days and three night in a sort of bubble, so far away from worries, so close to your soul and the soul of every tanguero or tanguera you meet here.
You can taste good wine and local food of three different Italian regions like a tasty snack.
You can eat asado and/or vegetarian food for dinner.
You can feel art, you can live art, you can do art with us during your residence.
You can sit inside the theater, under the portico, close the trees.
You can listen to music, you can listen leaves moving in the wind, you can listen both!
You can socialize, you can spend some time alone, you can walk or lose yourself into the wood.
You can feel free, feel joy, feel the goodness of nature, feel our goodness, we wish to see you smiling and dancing all the time!
Don't forget it!
Share all that: join us.  
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